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Title: Kaššāf Iṣṭilāhāt al-funūn and Its Sources: The Case of qāfiya
Authors: Dal Bianco, Alessia
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Padova, Studio Editoriale Gordini
Abstract: "Kaššāf Iṣṭilāhāt al-funūn" (comp. in 1158/1745), by the Indian scholar Muḥammad A'lā al-Tahānawī, is an Arabic-Persian dictionary of technical terms used by the Muslims. It has always been regarded as an excellent reference work for Islamic sciences, but few scholars have actually studied it in its own right. This paper attemps to outline how al-Tahānawī compiled his dictionary by investigating the sources that he quotes and taking into account all the entries concerning the science of qāfiya (i.e. "rhyme"). How accurately al-Tahānawī quotes and credits his sources shoul be investigated as well.
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