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Title: Le rôle des sources grecques dans le 'Kitāb al-kašf 'an manāhiğ al-adilla' d'Averroès
Authors: Canova, Barbara
Keywords: Kitāb al-Kašf
Muslim theology
Andalusian Aristotelianism
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Padova, Studio Editoriale Gordini
Abstract: Averroes's theology treatise, the Kitāb al-Kašf 'an manāhiğ al-adilla, was long considered a work that was marginal to the Commentator’s philosophical project. This article intends to show that Averroes’s theology represented an attempt to give Aristotelianism a role of primary importance in the demonstration of the dogmas of Islam. Using his own comments on Aristotle's work Averroes confutes the doctrines of the rival theological school, that of the aš'arites; he exposes the weaknesses of a school of thought that he considers "pseudo-rational", that of the mutakallimūn, and tries to delineate a positive theology founded on the rules of apodiptic thought.
ISSN: 1125-3762
Appears in Collections:Annali di Ca' Foscari. Serie orientale

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