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Title: Sulle tracce di un mito immortale: il "Romanzo di Alessandro" nella tradizione armena
Authors: Bernardelli, Milena
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: This study is a journey gone on across the published texts of the Armenian version in the critical edition by H. Simonyan. During its 1500 years life in Armenia the translation of the Story lost the peculiar spirit of heathenism, and it adhered to the Greek original and got through its development. This process occured alongside with the process of gradual Armenisation, progressive comprehension and national adaption of the original done in the 80s of the 5th century. We also managed to follow all phases of this process, comparing some passages of the Greek text A (by Kroll) and text B (by Bergson) with the Armenian latest edition (text A) and primary edition (text B). As everything that characterizes the latest edition mostly poetical interval (kafa), we translated some verses to make the process of Armenisation clear with an example. Then we translated and commented the second chapter of the folk-oral version (text C by Simonyan) where, taking as basis of the original translation, but shortened, the narrative passages were followed by song quatrains. Moreover the Armenian trasmission Alexander Romance's lore offers till now a lot of tales and little stories, in what we took a great interest
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