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Title: Lexical Solidarity in the Classical Persian Ghazal: Research Methodology and Preliminary Data
Authors: Meneghini, Daniela
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: This paper aims at verifying a specific methodology of research on collections of poems. I have used a dedicated software package in order to analyse the cohesion between pairs of full words. The investigation has been applied to the corpus of 20.000 lines of ghazals contained in the Cd-rom "Lirica Persica Hypertext" (by D. Meneghini, Venice, 2000), using one of its search tools. I identified the most frequent pairs of full words occuring in a same line of the ghazals belonging to the corpus. To obtain the data, I applied a program called Lexical Solidarities to the corpus. This program enables the user of the Lirica Persica Hypertext to identify the pairs of words (types or lemmas) attaining a certain frequency threshold in a set of texts: i.e. the words occuring together (in the same line) a significant number of times compared to their individual frequencies (this phenomenon has been defined as lexical solidarity). Then I identified the pairs showing most cohesion. Some preliminary observations have also been given on the basis of gathered data
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