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dc.contributor.authorAndreatta, Michela
dc.description.abstractThe Latin traslation of Gersonides' "Commentary on Song of Songs", which is extant in the Cod. Vat. Lat. 4273 of the Vatican Library, is one of the many translations of Hebrew works accomplished in the year 1486 by the Christian convert Flavius Mithridates, Hebrew associate of Giovanni Pico della Mirandola. The paper deals with some specific and significant aspects of this translation, i.e. the vocabulary and the frequent interpolations. The Hebrew-Latin glossary is aimed at valuing the ability of the translator as well as his acquaintance with the specific philisophical terminology of Gersonides' commentary, while the interpolations are examined along their different subject and purpose (explicative, grammatical, rethorical, etc.)it
dc.publisherPadova, Editoriale Programmait
dc.relation.ispartofAnnali di Ca' Foscari : Rivista della Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature straniere dell'Università di Ca' Foscari, 2003, vol. 42 (3), pp. 5-28it
dc.titleAlcuni aspetti della traduzione latina del "Commento al Cantico dei Cantici" di Gersonide: lessico, glosse esplicative e grammaticaliit
dc.subject.keywordsLevi ben Gershom (Gersonides)it
dc.subject.keywordsFlavius Mithridatesit
dc.subject.keywordsHebrew-Latin translationsit
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