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Title: Alle origini dell'Armjanskaja S.S.R.: la Russia nella storia armena (1917-1920)
Authors: Cantobelli, Novella
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: This article intends to present a short and, as far as possible, detailed history of Armenia from 1917 through 1920, covering the period of the first Armenian Republic and the subsequent sovietization. The initial part shortly integrates the various aspects of Eastern and Western Armenians' history in the years culminationg in World War I and the genocide (1915). The Independent Republic of Armenia emerged in May 1918 as a result of an unequal, tragic struggle against Ottoman armies, after Russia's retreat from World War I. Although independence was thrust upon Armenians quite unexpectedly, they soon considered it essential for self-preservation and regeneration. Russian and Armenian diplomacies had very frequent contacts, and Russophile Armenia made frantic efforts to achieve recognition and support both from Soviet Russia, and the White Armies. Several factors rendered Armenian indipendence ephemeral and gradually led to the collapse of the Republic: the Allied Powers and the United States failed to effectuate their plans and pledges, Armenians alone were weak and politically inexperienced, Moscow could not countenance an independent Armenia. Bolshevik-Nationalist collaboration and the planned invasion of Armenia by Turkish armies were extremely important to the process of sovietization, culminating in the loss of the most historic Armenian lands to Turkey, and in the emergenec of the little Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic on the remaining small region.
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