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Title: La figura di Abū Madyan al-Ghawth
Authors: Casseler, Chiara
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: One of the still most venerated saints in the Maghreb, Abū Madyan Al-Ghawth was born in Seville in the twelfth century A.C. After some journeys he went to Fez and settled in Bugia. According to the tradition he raised more than one thousand shuyūkh; ordered to appear at the court of the Sultan in Marrakech, he died before arriving and his tomb is set near Tlemcen. Abū Madyan is one of the most quoted saints in Ibn ‘Arabī's Futūḥāt and he played a very important role in his spiritual development, although both of them had never met but in spiritual contact. The first Italian translation of his qaṣīda "Mā ladhdhatu ’l-‘aysh..." is produced in this article toghether with some short doctrinal annotations.
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