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Title: L'influsso di Jayadeva sulla letteratura bengali dalle origini al 18. secolo
Authors: Ferrari, Fabrizio M.
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: The paper intends to prove the effective influence of Jayadeva's Gītagovinda on Bengali literature from its beginnings to the 18th century. Through a brief analysis of the caryā-padas (the first exemple of Bengali vernacular literature), bāul songs, kīrtans (and expecially Śrīkrṣṇakīrtan), yātrās and padavālīs, it is possible to see all the philosophical connections of Gītagovinda with sahajiyā-vaiṣṇavism, the Caitanya movement and the bhakti and śakti cults.
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