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Title: Preistoria e protostoria del popolo armeno secondo Igor M. D'jakonov
Authors: Sartori, Paolo
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: This work is devoted to the study of I. M. D'jakonov,"The pre-history of the Armenian people", translated into English by Lory Jennings with revisions by the Author, Delmar, New York, 1984. The present essay intends to set forth the contents of D'jakonov's study and to contextualize them in the major panorama of the research in Armenian studies. This is an attempt to connect the linguistic and cultural composition of Anatolia and the Armenian Highland during the 2nd and 1st millenia B.C. with the historical composition of Proto and Old Armenian. Just as every language, these languages contained many strata of varying origin. Each of these strata related with a specific ethnic mass. In this way it would be possible to distinguish the basic stock of the vocabulary and relate it to a specific people settled in Subcaucasia. This kind of analysis shows that the linguistic ancestor of Old Armenian, Proto Armenian, was apparently Indo-European and was not related to either the Hurro-Urartian languages, nor to Hattic, nor to the Caucasian language family, nor to the Semitic languages
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