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Title: Tibetan Black Thang-kas: New Evidence on the Origins of a Painting Tradition
Authors: Mignucci, Aldo
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: Black thang-kas are a specific group of Tibetan Buddhist paintings. Western scholarship has considered them to be a relatively late development in Tibetan Buddhist art. The earliest firmly datable example found in the art-historical literature goes back to the first half of the seventeeth century. However, the thang-ka representing two Mahākālas studied in this article, which can be dated on the basis of inscriptional and stylistic evidence to not later than the beginning of the fourteenth century, proves that the tradition of producing black thang-kas existed at least two and half centuries earlier. The beginning of this tradition appears to be connected with a Tibetan version of the Pāla style.
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