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Title: Authors, Subjects and Fame in the Kitāb al-Fihrist of Ibn al Nadīm: The Case of al-Ṭabarī and al-Ṣūlī
Authors: Osti, Letizia
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: This paper suggests an approach to the study of the Kitāb al-Fihrist of Ibn al Nadīm (d. 386/995), which takes into account his criteria of priority and order within the book's structure, when analysing the information the author provides about a scholar or group of scholars. The case studies for the present paper are Abū Bakr al-Ṣūlī (d. 335/947) and Muḥammad b. Jarīr al-Ṭabarī (d. 310/923), two prominent scholars who lived one generation before Ibn al Nadīm, and whose biographical information he treats in contrasting ways.
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