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Title: The Public Discourse on Official Women Entertainers in Traditional Korea
Authors: D'Urso, Vincenza
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: This article tries to mark some important steps in the development of the public discourse regarding the social position and status of the kwan'gi (official women entertainers)-also known by the names of kisaeng, kinyô or simply ki - in traditional Korea. The article is based on historical evidence provided by one of the most authoritative Korean primary sources, the Veritable Records of the Chôson dinasty ( Chôson wangjo sillok) and by a Kisaeng Roster (kisaeng kwanan) dated 1894, a quite rare manuscript in eight pages kept at the Central Library of Yonsei University in Seoul, Republic of Korea. The former source provides us with a wider spectrum of information regarding the development of the official discourse on official ki, while the latter cuts a more precise picture of the situation at a specific point of time and in a particular area of the country. It includes a glossary in Sino-Korean and an Appendix with the original text of Kisaeng Roster.
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