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Title: The Wall Paintings of St. Nicholas Church in Demre (Myra). Recent Discoveries
Authors: Çorağan, Nilay
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: As a current member of the Turkish archaelogical team headed by Yildiz Ötüken of Hacetepe University working at St. Nicholas's Basilica in Myra (Turkey), Nilay Çorağan reports about the preliminary results of her study on the whole decoration and the most recent findings at the famous Lykian Basilica and Sanctuary. Particularly interesting for the history of the illustration of the complete cycle of St. Nichoals' life and miracles as its earliest stages are the scenes of the southern burial chamber, problably the work of local craftsmen. Also noteworthy are the New Testament and the Feast cycle scenes decorating the northeast corner room and the three southern chapels, problably the work of a Constantinopolitan atelier. According to the Author, both the recently discovered series of paintings can be dated to the first quarter of the 12th century. The status of conservation of the fresco paintings is very poor: it needs immediate intervention in order to preserve an important and rare testimony of the metropolitan monumental painting, realized under the patronage of the Commenian dinasty.
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