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Title: La sperimentazione teatrale tunisina contemporanea: Taoufik Jebali e i suoi percorsi di ricerca
Authors: Benaglia, Paola
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: Taoufik Jebali (Tunisia, 1944) co-operated to the rise of modern Tunisian theatre with the companies Nouveau Théâtre (1976) and Théâtre Phou (1979). During the eighties and the nineties he wrote complex textes, always in dialect, based on political life (Tamṯīl Kalām; Klēm el-līl), but also conceived plays where the word is secondary (Wayl li-'l-mumuṯṯilīn) or absent (Femtellā), or depicetd the alienation of modern man (Muḏakkirāt Dīnāṣūr; Ḥāḍīr bi-'lniyāba). In 1995 Jebali won the Festival of Experimental Theatre in Cairo and is now considered one of the outstanding figures in the contemporary Arabic theatre.
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