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Title: Dilemmi architettonici del Camino de Santiago
Authors: Scarcia, Gianroberto
Favaro, Rudy
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: The paper deals with a few issues regarding the Romanesque church of St. Maria de Eunate (XII century) in the Spanish region of Navarra. The first part, by Gianroberto Scarcia, tackles the phenomenon of exoticism in architecture, maintaining that it is a universal dimension, not unknown to medieval gusto. Especially, in Spain at the time of the Reconquista, there is an exoticism stemming from nostalgia to local Muslim milieu as well as a "normal" Holy Land orientalism. A distinction should be made between the two: the "Islamic" features of some Spanish buildings belong to the latter in spite of the general preponderance of the former. In the second part, Rudy Favaro deals with the structural "irregularities" of the church, whereby the hollow-solid equilibrium is over-turned in relation to the Oriental prototype, and above all the problem of the two mirror-shaped portals of the chapel and the cloister.
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