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Title: La memoria del passato. Un confronto tra la storiografia greco-romana e la storiografia cinese antica
Authors: Mutschler, Fritz-Heiner
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: Using the classics as its textual basis, the article presents a series of comparative observations on Greco-Roman and Chinese historiography. The first part of the paper tries to show that the main structural differenence between Western and Chinese historigraphy: continuous flow of narrative vs. juxtaposition of a plurality of smaller units of representation, finds its correspondence in a marked difference in terms of contents: stronger interest in wars and thus in change vs. stronger interest in the peace side of history and thus in the state of things. The second part makes the point that in certain respects Roman and Chinese historigraphy are closer to each other than each of them is to Greek historiography. Whereas the latter aims at inducing knowledge and understading and interprets history in terms of human drives and abilities, the former are more concerned with moral effect and see moral and immoral conduct as reasons for political failure and success.
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