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Title: La ripetizione lessicale nei ghazal di Salmān i Sāwajī
Authors: Meneghini, Daniela
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: Padova, Editoriale Programma
Abstract: This paper presents the subject of lexical repetition in neopersian poetry. The first part deals with the description of rethoric figures implying lexical repetition, as found in the most important classical books of rethoric (Muḥammad bin 'Umar al Rādūyānī, "Tarjumān al balāgha"; Rashīd al Dīn Waṭwāṭ, "Ḥadāyiq al siḥr fī daqāyiq al shi'r; Shams i Qays al Rāzī, al Mu'jam fī mu'āyyir ash'ār al 'ajam), and in two modern texts on the badī' (Jalāl al Dīn Humāyī, "Funūn i balāghat wa ṣanā'āt i adabī"; Sīrūs Shamīsā, "Nigāh ī tazā ba badī'"). The second part, having an exemplifying aim, provides a description of lexical repetition found in a sample of 1000 verse of Salmān i Sāwajī ghazals. It also presents a comparison between some contexts of Salmān ghazals and the figures described in the first part of the paper
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