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dc.contributor.authorHedlin, Matthew-
dc.description.abstractIt should be stated at this point that the following paper is not a historical comparative analysis. It is an investigation of the current linguistic relationship, that is, the degree of similarity and variation that exists today, between three Himalayan speech varieties: Kyirong (KD), Yòlmo (YD), and Standard Spoken Tibetan (SST). The purpose of the research was to determine which dialect, Yòlmo or SST, is closer to Kyirong in selected areas of the lexicon, pronunciation, grammar, and semantics. The instruments for data collection were a 100 word wordlist compiled by Noel Mann, existing grammars of the three varieties by Brigitte Huber, Anna Maria Hari, and Nicolas Tournadre, language helpers from each speech community, and texts, both literary and colloquial. The research was carried out from November 2008 to November 2010, and was conducted in the Kathmandu Valley and in the Rasuwa District of Nepal. Based on historical readings, discussions with the Tibetans, and analysis of data relating to the lexicon, pronunciation, and grammar, it became clear that the Kyirong and Yòlmo speech communities share a relatively recent history, and are closer speech varieties than Kyirong and SST. Data relating to the area of semantics did not contribute significantly to the research question. The implication of the research is that oral and written materials which have been developed in Yòlmo may be adaptable for use by the Kyirong, that is, may be more readily adaptable than SST materials, and that consequently the need for original Kyirong materials may be lessened.en_US
dc.publisherPayap Universityen_US
dc.subjectSino-Tibetan Languagesen_US
dc.subjectTibeto-Burman Languagesen_US
dc.titleAn investigation of the relationship between the Kyirong, Yòlmo, and standard spoken Tibetan speech varietiesen_US
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