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Title: Aspects of the Syntax of the Dialect of Abha (south-west Saudi Arabia)
Authors: Munira, Ali Al-Azraqi
Keywords: African Languages
Afro-Asiatic Languages
Semitic Languages
Arabic - Grammar
Abha - Grammar
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: University of Durham
Abstract: The present study deals with the syntax of the Arabic dialect of Abha in south-west of Saudi Arabia It is a synchronic study which deals with the everyday usage of the dialect. Diachronic changes are sometimes indicated where relevant. The phonology and morphology of the dialect are discussed in brief where necessary. This dialect has many distinctive features some of which do not occur in other dialects. The dialect is going through remarkable change due to people's tendency to change affected by the spread of education, mass media and communication. Thus the study has been conducted to examine some syntactic features of the dialect and record them before the dialect loses those features, and to make this dialect accessible for further research in sociolinguistic or diachronic studies. This study comes in two parts. The first part deals with the classification of the main parts of speech and their function in context. This part comprises four chapters: the first chapter deals with the noun and its sub-classes; the second chapter deals with the verb and its relation with the pronouns; the third chapter deals with particles and their functions in the sentence; the fourth chapter deals with functionals and their functions in the sentence. The second part examines the relationships between parts of speech. This part also comprises four chapters which deal respectively with: predication, annexation, complementation and attnbution.
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