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Title: Um estudo gramatical da lingua dzubukua, familia kariri
Authors: Queiroz, Jose Marcio Correia de
Keywords: Dzubukuá - Grammar
Karirí-Xocó Languages
Isolated Languages
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universidade Federal da Paraiba
Abstract: Dzubukuá is a polysynthetic language belonging to the language family Karirí, which was spoken by Indians of Brazilian northeast. Its phonology, morphology and syntax are objects of this thesis. The existent studies on the grammar of the language are rudimentary and they are based in traditional perspectives lacking of a deep analysis that the theme demands. This way, the present work, using the theoretical and methodological advances that provides more accurate descriptions of little known languages, relies on the typological functionalism to develop the study of the phenomena governing the grammar of the Karirí-Dzubukuá. For this, it was performed a descriptive, synchronous and inductive research. The material for analysis was constituted starting from the rising of removed linguistic data of the catechism and manuscript of Frei Bernardo of Nantes. Soon after, tables and lists were elaborated with morphological and lexical items and sentences and done, soon then, the analysis, a systematic study, transcription and description of the phonological and morphosyntatic phenomenons that they presented. Starting from there, twenty-one phonemes (consonants and vowels) and nine lexical classes was verified; the presence of suffixes and prefixes and of five different phrases. The existence of a verb-initial order was also attested for the syntactic components, of transitive, intransitive and ambitransitives predicates, of a split case marking syntactic (nominative-accusative and ergative-absolutive) and of interrogative, imperative and negatives clauses. It also was described the constructions of coordination and subordination in the syntax of the language studied.Thus, this work will contribute to reflections on the revival of general linguistic theory form the results obtained and the design of a more consistent classification Trunk Macro-Jê. Keywords: Karirí-Dzubukuá. Functionalism. Description. Morphology. Syntax
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