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Title: Usarufa: A Descriptive Grammar
Authors: Bee, Darlene LaVerne
Keywords: Usarufa - Grammar
Kainantu-Goroka - Languages
Trans-New Guinea- Languages
Indo-pacific Languages
Issue Date: 1965
Publisher: Indiana University
Abstract: The study of New Guinea languages although progressing rapidly is still in its infancy and there is need for descriptive statements to be made available for comparative study and critical examination. This grammar of Usarufa is written with the hope that it will help meet that need. The material for this study was collected during a period of residence in the Usarufa village of Qrona totalling approximately two years over a four year period from September, 1958 to May, 1962. During that time the data upon which this analysis is based were checked with numerous native speakers, however, no informant was available at the time of writing so the author’s own competence in the language had to be utilized.
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