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Title: A grammatical sketch of Upper Necaxa Totonac
Authors: Beck, David
Keywords: Upper Necaxa Totonac - Grammar
Totonac - Tepehua Languages
American Indigenous Languages
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Lincom Europa
Abstract: Upper Necaxa Totonac (a.k.a. Patla-Chicontla Totonac) is a member of the Totonac-Tepehua language family, an easily recognizable genetic grouping of languages with (to date)no demonstrable ties to any other Mesoamerican language. Relatively little work has been done on the family and the relations between individual languages are still unclear beyond the initial branching of the family into Tepehua and Totonacan, although impressionistically the Totonacan branch has been split into four divisions — Misantla, Papantla, Sierra, and Northern (see also Arana 1953 and García Rojas 1978, who group Northern and Sierra into a single unit). Divisions within these groupings have typically been classified as dialectal variation, although these often differ from one another enough to prevent naïve mutual intelligibility.
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