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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2014Haidt, Rebecca (2011). Women, Work and Clothing in Eighteenth-Century Spain. Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, pp. 345 (Review)Pessarrodona Pérez, Aurelia
2002Hamilton Basso's Courthouse SquareBozino, Elena
1981Handbook of Australian Languages, Volume 2Dixon, R.M.W.; Blake, Barry J.
1974Handbook of Bichelamar Manuel de BichelamarGuy, J.B.M.
2004A Handbook of Bosnian, Serbian and CroatianBrowne, Wayles; Alt, Theresa
2016Handbook of Descriptive Language Knowledge. A Full-Scale Reference Guide for Typologists.Hammarström, Harald
1985Handbook of Tok Pisin (New Guinea Pidgin)Wurm, S.A.; Mühlhäusler, P.
1992The Hangzhou dialectSimmons, Richard VanNess
1985Harmony or Consistency? A Review of John Hawkins, Word Order Universals.Krifka, Manfred
1982Harold Pinter: "Tradimenti" e "La donna del tenente francese" (Note e Rassegne)Casetti, Enrico
1997Hatam phonology and grammatical notesDonohue, Mark
1989Hattā al-qubūr, Yāsīn... tarfuḍu al-iṣġā', di 'Arūsiyyā al-Nālūtī, una voce dell'Avanguardia tunisinaCassarino, Mirella
2010The Hausa causative and benefactive in a cognitive and cross-linguistic perspectiveLobben, Marit
2011Hausa Grammatical SketchCaron, Bernard
2000The Hausa Language. An Encyclopedic Reference GrammarNewman, Paul
1998Hawkeye: an American Hero?Ghirardello, Simonetta
1977Haya Grammatical StructureByarushengo, Ernest Rugwa; Duranti, Alessandro; Hyman, Larry
2009Head marking in usage and grammar : a study of variation and change in Yucatec MayaNorcliffe, Elisabeth
2016Head Movement in Narrow SyntaxO'Flynn, Kathleen Chase
2004Head Movement, Passive, and Antipassive in EnglishBlight, Ralph Charles