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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Widespread but Not Universal: Improving the Typological Coverage of the Grammar MatrixDrellishak, Scott
1975Wilhelm Heinses Petron├╝bersetzungH├╝bner, Wolfgang
1963William Blake, poet, painter and visionarySola Pinto, Vivian
1976William Dunbar, "Scot Makar" (Note e Rassegne)Dogliani, Gianfranco
2014Windesi Wamesa MorphophonologyGasser, Emily Anne
1963Wintu GrammarPitkin, Harvey
2006Winuunsi tm talapaas: A Grammar of the Molalla LanguagePharris, Nicholas J.
1997Wipi Grammar EssentialsDondorp, Anne; Shim, Jae-Wook
1925Wiyot grammar and textsReichard, G. A.
1973Wojokeso Sentence, Paragraph, and Discourse AnalysisWest, Dorothy
1988The Wolio Language. Outline of Grammatical Description and Texts. Second Edition.Anceaux, J.C.
2003WolofNgom, Fallou
1998Woman's own: Jane Austen nel romanzo del '900Scrittori, Anna Rosa
1999Woman's Pictorial Representation and Patriarchal Control in Elizabethan DramaTosi, Laura
1987Women, Fire, and Dangerous Things. What Categories Reveal about the MindLakoff, George
2003Word formation in OydaDilnesaw, Arbraham
1990Word grammar, unification, and the syntax of Italian cliticsVolino, Massimo Salvatore
2009Word Order and clause structure in a German dialect of Northern Italy: on the interaction between high and left periphery.Cognola, Federica
2009Word order and information structure in Makhuwa-Enaharavan der Wal, Guenever Johanna
2012Word order and information structure in New Testament GreekKirk, Allison