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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Syntax of JibbāliHofstede, Antje Ida
2006The Syntax of Ke-Clause and Clausal Extraposition in Modern PersianAghaei, Behrad
2005The syntax of Kikamba noun modificationMbuvi, Martha M.K.
1990The Syntax of Left Branch ExtractionCorver, Norbert
2015The syntax of Mi’gmaq: A configurational account.Hamilton, Michael David
2012The syntax of nominal expressions in articleless languages: a split DP-analysis of Croatian nounsCaruso, Đurñica Željka
2002The Syntax of Non-Canonical Quantification: A Comparative Study.Mathieu, Eric
2009The Syntax of Non-deictic Versions of Lai ‘come’ and Qu ‘go’ in MandarinHsu, Chia-Chien
2014The Syntax of Non-verbal Predication in Amharic and GeezMulusew Asratie Wondem
2010The syntax of noun modification in Italian Sign language (LIS)Bertone, Carmela
2013The syntax of noun phrase movement in KiswahiliKawa, Anne Naswa
2019The syntax of number and modification: An investigation of the Kipsigis DP.Kouneli, Maria
2009The Syntax of Object Marking in Sambaa. A comparative Bantu perspectiveRiedel, Kristina
2010The Syntax of PartitivesMartí-Girbau, Núria
2015The syntax of polar questions and their answers in TaiwaneseWu, Hofa Meng-Jung
1999The syntax of possessor raisingNakamura, Yumiko
2011The Syntax of Pro-drop in ThaiPhimsawat, On-Usa
1977The syntax of Pulo Annian, a nuclear Micronesian languageOda, Sachiko
2013The syntax of question particlesBailey, Laura Rudall
2016The Syntax of Relational Adjectives in Romance: a Cartographic Approach.Bortolotto, Laura