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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201318th International Postgraduate Linguistics ConferenceHoffmann, Dorothea; Ramsammy, Michael
20071900: A Bush Odyssey. A Metaphysical Reading of "Picnic at Hanging Rock"Duse, Marco
20102 in AgreementBank, Sebastian; Georgi, Doreen; Trommer, Jochen
Sep-200327 gennaio: giorno della memoria. La voce dei sefarditi di Salonicco: Mordo Nahum, "il greco" (Note)Zinato, Andrea
201550 Years Later Reflections on Chomsky's AspectsGallego, Ángel J.; Ott, Dennis
201550 Years Later. Reflections On Chomsky’s Aspects.Gallego, Ángel J.; Ott, Denis
Feb-2013"54045". Atzar i tramvies en la modernitatBou, Enric
1997A Bilingual Epitaph of SvetitskhoveliKakhiani, Tsisia
2005A cartographic approach to the Romance mittelfeldLaenzlinger, Christopher; Soare, Francesca
2008A case of incomplete Jespersen's cycle in RomanceGarzonio, Jacopo
2009A comparison between the Cantonese aspect markers gan and haidouLam, Chi-Fung
2005A computer-assisted analysis of Bidel's 'Tur-e Ma‘refat'Zipoli, Riccardo
2001A descriptive study of Kinnauri (Pangi dialect): a preliminary reportTakahashi, Yoshiharu
2009A Free Mind within a Disciplined Form : l'impegno del disimpegno di Tom StoppardDowling, Gregory
2012A generalization concerning DP-internal ellipsisCinque, Guglielmo
2013A Global Linguistic DatabaseRuhlen, Merritt
1972"A la fontana del vergier" : discorso lirico e discorso narrativo nella poesia dei trovatoriLimentani, Alberto
1999"A Land of Shadows and Apparition": Thought and Reality in Coleridge's Late PoetryTesserin, Francesca
1976A meeting with Hugh MacDiarmid (Note e Rassegne)Dogliani, Gianfranco
2000A movement approach to contrastive left dislocationGrohmann, Kleanthes K.