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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20071900: A Bush Odyssey. A Metaphysical Reading of "Picnic at Hanging Rock"Duse, Marco
20102 in AgreementBank, Sebastian; Georgi, Doreen; Trommer, Jochen
Sep-200327 gennaio: giorno della memoria. La voce dei sefarditi di Salonicco: Mordo Nahum, "il greco" (Note)Zinato, Andrea
201550 Years Later Reflections on Chomsky's AspectsGallego, Ángel J.; Ott, Dennis
Feb-2013"54045". Atzar i tramvies en la modernitatBou, Enric
1997A Bilingual Epitaph of SvetitskhoveliKakhiani, Tsisia
2005A cartographic approach to the Romance mittelfeldLaenzlinger, Christopher; Soare, Francesca
2008A case of incomplete Jespersen's cycle in RomanceGarzonio, Jacopo
2009A comparison between the Cantonese aspect markers gan and haidouLam, Chi-Fung
2005A computer-assisted analysis of Bidel's 'Tur-e Ma‘refat'Zipoli, Riccardo
2001A descriptive study of Kinnauri (Pangi dialect): a preliminary reportTakahashi, Yoshiharu
2009A Free Mind within a Disciplined Form : l'impegno del disimpegno di Tom StoppardDowling, Gregory
2012A generalization concerning DP-internal ellipsisCinque, Guglielmo
2013A Global Linguistic DatabaseRuhlen, Merritt
1972"A la fontana del vergier" : discorso lirico e discorso narrativo nella poesia dei trovatoriLimentani, Alberto
1999"A Land of Shadows and Apparition": Thought and Reality in Coleridge's Late PoetryTesserin, Francesca
1976A meeting with Hugh MacDiarmid (Note e Rassegne)Dogliani, Gianfranco
2000A movement approach to contrastive left dislocationGrohmann, Kleanthes K.
2004A New Approach to Analyzing the Use of the Word âyine (Mirror) in Bidel's GhazalsMeneghini, Daniela
1971A new look at English Augustan PoetryFussell, Paul