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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980Basic materials in Ritharngu: Grammar, texts and dictionary. x + 258 pages.Heath, Jeffrey
1980Basic materials in Warndarang: Grammar, texts and dictionary.Heath, Jeffrey
1980Dhuwal (Arnhem Land) texts on kinship and other subjects, with grammatical sketch and dictionary.Heath, Jeffrey
1984Functional grammar of NunggubuyuHeath, Jeffrey
2015A Grammar of Ben Tey (Dogon of Beni). Dogon language family MaliHeath, Jeffrey
2017A Grammar of Bunoge (Dogon, Mali)Heath, Jeffrey
2016A Grammar of Donno So or Kamma So (Dogon language family, Mali)Heath, Jeffrey
2014Grammar of Humburi Senni (Songhay of Hombori, Mali)Heath, Jeffrey
2017A Grammar of Jalkunan (Mande, Burkina Faso)Heath, Jeffrey
2008A Grammar of JamsayHeath, Jeffrey
1998A Grammar of Koyra Chiini: The Songhay of TimbuktuHeath, Jeffrey
2017A Grammar of Najamba (Dogon, Mali)Heath, Jeffrey
2016A Grammar of NangaHeath, Jeffrey
2016A Grammar of Penange (Dogon, Mali)Heath, Jeffrey
2005A Grammar of Tamashek TuaregHeath, Jeffrey
2015A Grammar of Togo Kan (Dogon language family, Mali)Heath, Jeffrey
2009A Grammar of Yanda-Dom. Dogon language family, MaliHeath, Jeffrey
2017A Grammar of Yorno So (Toro So subgroup of Dogon, Mali)Heath, Jeffrey
1978Ngandi grammar, texts, and dictionaryHeath, Jeffrey
2017Short grammar of Tiefo-N of Nyafogo (Gur, Burkina Faso) (Université d’Ouagadougou)Heath, Jeffrey; Ouattara, Aminata; Hantgan, Abbie