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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Balkan Romance: Aspects on the Syntax of Istro-RomanianGiorgi, Alessandra; Giusti, Giuliana; Zegrean, Iulia-Georgiana
2005Credo (I Believe): Epistemicity and the syntactic representation ofGiorgi, Alessandra; Pianesi, Fabio
2009Crosslinguistic variation and the syntax of tenseGiorgi, Alessandra
2006From Temporal Anchoring to Long Distance AnaphorsGiorgi, Alessandra
2010A Grammar of Italian Sequence of TenseGiorgi, Alessandra
2000Imperfect Dreams : the temporal dependencies of fictional predicatesGiorgi, Alessandra; Pianesi, Fabio
2012Italian prepositions in aphasic production : evidence from three experimental studiesGiorgi, Alessandra; Cinque, Guglielmo; Zampieri, Elisa
2004Long Distance Anaphors and the Syntactic Representation of the SpeakerGiorgi, Alessandra
2003On some anaphoric temporal locutionsGiorgi, Alessandra; Pianesi, Fabio
2005On the nature of long distance anaphorsGiorgi, Alessandra
1982Per una teoria delle anafore lungheGiorgi, Alessandra
2011Remarks on Temporal Anchoring : The Case of Armenian AoristGiorgi, Alessandra; Haroutyunian, Sona
2012Rethinking Italian psychological verbsGiorgi, Alessandra; Varchetta, Nicola
2002Sequence of Tense and the Speaker’s Point of View: Evidence from the ImperfectGiorgi, Alessandra; Pianesi, Fabio
2005Subjunctive Obviation: an Interface PerspectiveGiorgi, Alessandra; Costantini, Francesco
2006A Syntactic Way to SubjunctiveGiorgi, Alessandra
2001The Temporal Coordinates of Subject and Speaker: from Semantics to MorphosyntaxGiorgi, Alessandra; Pianesi, Fabio
2013The core Grammar of the Guadeloupean Creole : a descriptive and comparative ApproachGiusti, Giuliana; Giorgi, Alessandra; Cinque, Guglielmo; Bonan, Caterina
2012The lexical/functional divide in aphasic production : five Italian case studiesGiorgi, Alessandra; Cardinaletti, Anna; Franco, Ludovico
2008The Theory of syntax and the representation of indexicalityGiorgi, Alessandra