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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Case assignment in the pseudo-partitives of Standard Albanian and Arbëresh. A case for micro-variationGiusti, Giuliana; Turano, Giuseppina
1991The categorial status of quantified nominalsGiusti, Giuliana
2005The categorial status of quantity expressionsGiusti, Giuliana; Leko, Nedzad
2005Contributions to the thirtieth Incontro di Grammatica Generativa, Venice, February 26-28, 2004Brugè, Laura; Giusti, Giuliana; Munaro, Nicola; Schweikert, Walter; Turano, Giuseppina
1993Enclitic articles and double definiteness : a comparative analysis of nominal structure in Romance and GermanicGiusti, Giuliana
2011Evidence for a Split DP in LatinGiusti, Giuliana; Iovino, Rossella
1998Fragments of Balkan Nominal StructureDimitrova-Vulchanova, Mila; Giusti, Giuliana
1999The Functional Structure of Noun Phrases: A Bare Phrase Structure ApproachGiusti, Giuliana
1992Heads and modifiers among determiners evidence from Romanian and GermanGiusti, Giuliana
1996Is there a FocusP and a TopicP in the Noun Phrase Structure?Giusti, Giuliana
1991La sintassi dei nominali quantificati in romenoGiusti, Giuliana
2006La struttura del sintagma nominale latinoGiusti, Giuliana; Oniga, Renato
Jul-2009Mi fai male ... con le paroleGiusti, Giuliana; Giusti, Giuliana; Regazzoni, Susanna
2008Nominal Expressions in FluxDimitrova-Vulchanova, Mila; Giusti, Giuliana; Vulchanov, Valentin
20-Jun-2011On Concord and ProjectionGiusti, Giuliana
2010On feature sharing and feature transferGiusti, Giuliana
1995On the Syntax of Quantity Expressions in BosnianGiusti, Giuliana; Leko, Nedzad
2006Parallels in clausal and nominal peripheryGiusti, Giuliana
1991Partitive "ne" and the QP-Hypothesis : a case studyCardinaletti, Anna; Giusti, Giuliana
2008Possessive clitics in the DP: Doubling or dislocation?Giusti, Giuliana; Stavrou, Melita