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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Deriving Greenberg’s universal 20 and its exceptionsCinque, Guglielmo
2015Diminutive, endearing, augmentative and pejorative heads in the extended nominal projectionCinque, Guglielmo
2011Extraction from DP in Italian revisitedCinque, Guglielmo
2014Extraction from DP in Italian revisitedCinque, Guglielmo
1972Fillmore's Semantics of "Come" RevisitedCinque, Guglielmo
2007The Finnish Noun PhraseGiusti, Giuliana; Cinque, Guglielmo; Dal Pozzo, Lena
2010Five notes on CorrelativesCinque, Guglielmo
2009Five Notes on CorrelativesCinque, Guglielmo; Mohanty, R.; Menon, M.
2016Functional Categories and Syntactic TheoryRizzi, Luigi; Cinque, Guglielmo
2007The fundamental left-right asymmetry of natural languagesCinque, Guglielmo
2009The Fundamental Left-Right Asymmetry of Natural LanguagesCinque, Guglielmo
2010Greenberg’s Universal 23 and SVO languagesCinque, Guglielmo; Frascarelli, Mara
2010Greenberg’s Universal 23 and SVO languagesCinque, Guglielmo
1998The interaction of Passive, Causative, and "Restructuring" in RomanceCinque, Guglielmo
2003The Interaction of Passive, Causative, and Restructuring in RomanceCinque, Guglielmo; Tortora, Christina
2003Issues in adverbial syntaxCinque, Guglielmo
2004Issues in adverbial syntaxCinque, Guglielmo
2012Italian prepositions in aphasic production : evidence from three experimental studiesGiorgi, Alessandra; Cinque, Guglielmo; Zampieri, Elisa
2009L'aspect, les auxiliaires "être" et "avoir" et l'hypothèse inaccusative dans une perspective comparative français/italienCinque, Guglielmo; Zribi-Hertz, Anne; Manente, Mara
2010La Frase RelativaBenincà, Paola; Cinque, Guglielmo; Salvi, Gianpaolo; Renzi, Lorenzo