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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1992Negation in small clausesCardinaletti, Anna; Guasti, Maria Teresa
2015Nominal Modification in Italian Sign LanguageMantovan, Lara; Cardinaletti, Anna; Geraci, Carlo
1992On cliticization in Germanic languagesCardinaletti, Anna
2007On different types of clitic clustersCardinaletti, Anna
1998On the deficient/strong opposition in possessive systemsCardinaletti, Anna
1993On the Internal Structure of Pronominal DPsCardinaletti, Anna
2003On the Italian repetitive prefix ri-: Incorporation vs. cliticizationCardinaletti, Anna
1991Partitive "ne" and the QP-Hypothesis : a case studyCardinaletti, Anna; Giusti, Giuliana
1997Problemi di sintassi tedescaCardinaletti, Anna; Giusti, Giuliana
1998A second thought on "Emarginazione" : Destressing vs. "Right Dislocation"Cardinaletti, Anna
2000"Semi-lexical" motion verbs in Romance and GermanicCardinaletti, Anna; Giusti, Giuliana
2006La sintassi dei verbi a ristrutturazione in latinoCardinaletti, Anna; Cinque, Guglielmo; Zennaro, Luigi
2016Some new observations on the cartography of topic and focusCardinaletti, Anna
1996Subjects and Clause StructureCardinaletti, Anna
2012The lexical/functional divide in aphasic production : five Italian case studiesGiorgi, Alessandra; Cardinaletti, Anna; Franco, Ludovico
2004Toward a Cartography of Subject PositionsCardinaletti, Anna
1994The Typology of Structural Deficiency : on the Three Grammatical ClassesCardinaletti, Anna; Starke, Michal